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ANAFI FPV Gives Users The Most Immersive Experience Possible

Parrot wants to give users the most immersive experience possible when using its drones. How immersive? A front-row seat with the new ANAFI FPV All-In-One Pack.

The ANAFI FPV package allows users to have a mindblowing immersive experience using their smartphone and the FreeFlight 6.6 app.

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The camera experience sets a new standard for aerial photographers and videographers. The system provides users with a unique “cocoon” for immersive photography and in-depth image controls.

The package features in-depth manual controls for piloting and imaging, stunning 4K HDR video, and 21-megapixel images. New easy-to-use flight mode and presets deliver jaw-dropping visuals. 

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In Arcade Mode, flying is as simple as pointing the camera in the right direction. Any level pilot can easily capture stunning videos with the new Cinematic and Racing presets. In the Cinematic preset, you can capture smooth and dramatic footage. The Racing preset is built for speed instead of smoothness and will get your adrenaline pumping! Effortless portability, long battery life, and on the go USB-C charging let users quickly and easily maximize every flight. 

The ANAFI FPV AIO is priced at $799 and available for purchase later this month. The package includes the ANAFI FPV drone, Skycontroller 3, Cockpitglasses 3, 16gb SD memory card, USB-C cable, battery, and an extra set of propellers. Also included is the all-new ANAFI FPV backpack, which doubles as a stable platform to prepare and launch your drone right in front of you. How awesome is that?

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