How To Build Your Government Drone Program

A Guide on How To Build Your Government Drone Program

Drones in Government: Learn the Best Practices from North Carolina’s Statewide Drone Collaboration

Government use of drones is increasing rapidly in both the number of departments that have drone programs and the type of drone applications. Enterprising government agencies and departments are exploring work areas from transportation and public works to planning and environmental services. Public sector leaders must think carefully about how to build strategies to structure and manage government drone programs.

North Carolina has been a pioneer in unmanned aviation, advising national standards and rules and driving innovation in public sector drone usage. The state has established an effective statewide drone collaboration network spearheaded by the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division (NC DoT) of Aviation. The drone network has fulfilled many large-scale operations including Hurricane Florence disaster response, relief and reconstruction in 2018.

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According to the DJI Enterprise site, DJI has been working closely with the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation. This white paper will address how drones function in the many public-sector areas and how to build collaboration for maximized efficiency based on the lessons of North Carolina’s statewide drone collaboration network.

The Drones in Government Work White Paper can be found here.

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