ParaZero Announces Second BVLOS Waiver

Drone safety systems company, ParaZero Technologies Ltd, announced today that its customer, Airobotics, has secured a Certificate of Waiver (CoW) from the Federation Aviation Authority (FAA) that allows them to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight for automated drone operations over people. Airobotics‘ drone system integrates ParaZero’s SafeAir System for increased safety and as a risk mitigation strategy.

This is the second FAA waiver for flight over people with a ParaZero parachute system. Both the current Airobotics’ waiver and the previous one for North Dakota operator, Botlink, utilize ParaZero’s SafeAir Systems as part of their risk mitigation strategy.


Airobotics provides an end-to-end, fully automated solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights. The industrial grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, enabling industrial facilities to access premium aerial data in a faster, safer, more efficient way.

Airobotics already holds approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) and from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia (CASA) to fly automated BVLOS in certain locations with ParaZero’s Systems.

“We are thrilled to see our systems enable extended operations for operators time and time again,” said Avi Lozowick, ParaZero’s Director of Policy and Strategy. “We continue to provide our customers not only with best-in-class safety systems but also the material and test data to support their operational requests from CAAs.”

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“The fact that ParaZero is the only company whose parachute systems have been used in multiple successful waiver applications for flight over people is a strong testament to the quality of our products,” said Eden Attias, ParaZero’s CEO.

Airobotics’ Vice President of Aviation and Compliance, Niv Russo, added, “ParaZero’s safety solution is one of the main elements that provide our drone system with the level of safety we require to secure the appropriate waivers to operate above people and beyond visual line of sight. We’re delighted to have secured this waiver from the FAA and to partner with ParaZero in our global operations.”

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