Recreational Drone Flyer Test Coming Soon

Testing Testing 1..2..3.. Recreational Drone Flyer Test Coming Soon! Can your business help?

Are you part of the drone or tech industry? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants your help to administer a recreational flyer knowledge and safety test to the widest audience possible! We have posted a request for information (RFI) where you can submit your suggestions.

While the FAA develops the training and test content, we’re seeking your help to ensure it is administered in an effective way. We are looking for input from both private and public sectors on how to make the test easily accessible to drone users.

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We love that the drone community is growing so quickly, and because drones can be flown straight out-of-the box, we need to make sure that drone pilots only take flight once they know the FAA’s aviation rules and safety practices. Congress requires that recreational flyers pass a test and we now have an opportunity to educate recreational flyers on drone safety and to bring new flyers into our extraordinary aviation safety culture.

This knowledge test is important to educate recreational flyers about the rules of the sky as we continue to safely integrate drones into our nation’s airspace. We look forward to getting your feedback by September 12, 2019.

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