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NATS Drone Assist: helping you to fly safely
By Altitude Angel Ltd


Help to ensure you’re flying your drone safely in the UK using Drone Assist, the drone safety app from NATS, the UK’s main Air Traffic Control provider, in partnership with Altitude Angel.

Drone Assist provides location-based information on areas of airspace to avoid or in which extreme caution should be exercised, as well as on ground hazards that may pose safety, security or privacy risks.

Many drone pilots don’t realise that there are rules, set by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, for where and how you can fly your drone. This app will help you to abide by those rules, providing a tool to assist you in enjoying flying your drone whilst protecting your safety and the safety of other airspace users.


View areas of controlled airspace, such as airfields and airports, where flying a drone could be hazardous or prohibited

View ground hazards, such as schools, overhead power lines and sports venues, flying close to which may raise security, privacy or safety concerns and could breach UK rules on drone flying

Easily connect to – the drone safety website developed by NATS and the CAA, which provides you with further information on the rules around drone flying in the UK, including the CAAs Dronecode, information on CAA-approved training courses and other useful resources.

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Customer Reviews

Terrific app – but heart-breaking

by Gl0710

I asked Father Christmas for a drone this year, and I had a multitude of exciting things planned to do with it. Until this morning, that is, when I downloaded this app. It is incredibly easy to use and magnificently detailed; however, it is this detail which has caused me so much consternation. My plans are in tatters; my dreams a wreck. It turns out I live in Class D airspace, so I can’t fly at home; my workplace is right next to an ATC tower, so I can’t fly there (though I’m pretty confident I could avoid all the helicopters), and my ultimate aim of racing my drone against A320s down the drag strip (or “runway” as it’s sometimes known) at Heathrow is looking unachievable, as droning there is apparently frowned upon. Must be some EU regulation or something.

So, in summary, a triumph in app development which will increase safety by promoting responsible use of drones, but a real setback for my personal drone-flying career, which, if you’ll forgive the clichéd metaphor, has crashed before it even got off the ground.


Great for responsible drone flyers

by Celt_UK

This is a perfect app for those who wish by to fly their drones responsibly. With the increasing complexity and capability of single operator drones this app gives great insight into potential hazards within the intended area of operations. Some users may complain about the privacy of an app that requires registration but the benefit is the additional ability to provide information to other drone flyers of your operations and should be welcomed by responsible flyers. A worthwhile tool!


Would recommend
by JonathanC123

I’m an avid drone user and didn’t know where I was safely and legally able to fly. Once through the quick login, the app is really easy to use and very clear graphics so is exactly what you’d want. Would definitely recommend.

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