Altair AA Aqua Review | 2019 RC Boat for Summer

Families and individuals often love spending their time near the water during the summer months. There are so many places to visit like ponds, pools, and lakes and the possibilities for activities are endless. One great way to create some exciting memories near the water is with RC boats. They are a great hobby toy that anybody can enjoy and they really bring the speed.

However, with so many RC boats on the market, it can be overwhelming deciding which one is best for you or your family. That’s why today I will be giving you some insight into a new RC boat out there that will be your new favorite hobby for the summer.

I will be reviewing the AA Aqua, a new RC boat from Altair Aerial. I have tested and reviewed many Altair products before and now that they are venturing into RC boats, I am excited to see what they’re all about.

I think you will really enjoy the AA aqua so read along to see if it’s right for you.

Unboxing the AA Aqua

AA Aqua Review unbox

Right away when I opened the AA Aqua, I saw this standout look with a red and black design. The boat also came assembled right out of the box, which meant that I wouldn’t need to spend a ton of time preparing to drive it. Once my batteries were charged and installed, I was ready to go.

Let me break down everything that comes in the box.

The AA Aqua Includes:

– 1 x Fully Assembled Boat
– 2 x Li-ion batteries
– 1 x Charging Cable
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 x Boat Stand
– 1 x Rubber Cap
– 1 x 2.4GHz Radio Controller

AA Aqua Review 2

I will say, be careful when removing the boat from the styrofoam as the rudder is connected and you don’t want to damage anything.

After I had taken everything out of the box, I had to hunt down 4 AA batteries to use in the controller. These are the only batteries that are not included in the box, but assembling them is simple and easy. I really loved the short assembly time because I got to driving the boat faster and get the fun started.

The batteries in the controller can be installed by sliding off a cap on the bottom of the controller and inserting your 4 AA batteries.

I do want to explain how to install the battery to the boat. It’s pretty simple as well and you start by unclipping two clips in the back of the boat. This will remove the top black piece on your boat. There will then be another piece with four clips that you will have to unlock, then that piece can be removed as well. This will uncover an an empty in the boat where you can insert your battery. Be sure to replace the two pieces correctly so that no water can reach the battery. This is so the boat stays water tight and no damage is done to the battery. Another thing that I want to let you readers know is that you should always remove the battery after each session. If it’s left in the battery can become unusable and will not charge again.

AA Aqua Review 4

AA Aqua Review 5

One great thing I enjoyed about the AA Aqua that Altair does with many of their products, is the extra battery for double the driving time. I love that I can get double the amount of driving time, it’s really awesome.

Before I took the AA Aqua to the water, I carefully read the user manual. I always encourage our readers to read any user manual thoroughly to learn more about every piece of the product and how to use it. Altair Aerial’s manuals are very easy to read to help you get on the water much faster, and they have great customer service if you run into any problems.

Driving the AA Aqua

AA Aqua Review 3

I couldn’t wait to get this boat into the water to see what it was like to drive!

Listed below are the specs:

– Anti-Capsize Hull System
– Can be controlled up to 120 meters
– Reaches speeds up to 25 km/hr
– 6-8 minutes of driving time
– Remote Trim Functions

Range and Speed

Range and speed are two very important factors that I would recommend you take into consideration when purchasing an RC boat, and the AA Aqua has some impressive numbers when it comes to these features.

When I was driving it, I quickly found out that it can be controlled up to about 120 meters, or 390 feet. It’s extremely easy to control even pushing its distance limit. Compared to other RC boats on the market, this is an impressive range and it allows you to have tons of fun even in larger bodies of water.

Secondly, the speed for the AA Aqua is about 15 mph. While this is an exciting speed, especially for families or beginners, there are other similar boats that can go much faster. If you are a competitive racer, I would say that you may consider trying out a different boat. Nonetheless, this boat is still exciting for its affordable price and I did enjoy driving it through the water.

AA Aqua Review driving

Anti-Capsize Hull System

Altair Aerial’s AA Aqua comes with a great anti-capsize feature that I really appreciated and I think an buyer will too.

The anti-capsize hull system helps the driver return the boat to its upright position in case it overturns in rough waters. Now, when a company claims its product has a feature such as this, it’s important that it actually works. You’d never want to buy an RC boat that doesn’t have all the features it claims, right?

So with that, I had to test out this anti-capsize system to see if it really helps you turn your boat upright. It was pretty simple to get the hang of. All you have to do is turn the wheel back and forth to begin rocking the boat, then with a good turn one way on the wheel your boat will be back upright and ready to race some more. I will say that at first you may have some trouble nudging the wheel just right to get it turned back over, but with some practice you will be able to master it within minutes.

This makes driving your boat way easier, and you never have to worry about losing too much control or losing your boat altogether.

Trim Functions

Another feature that I did want to talk about are the trim functions on the remote. This is because while they are very useful and will help you control your boat, they do take some explaining if you’re new to RC products.

There are four trim functions on the AA Aqua’s controller. The top two control the forward and backward movements and the bottom two control the left and right. You’ll want to use these functions if your boat is idling or not turning as well as it should be. By pressing the buttons it will help move the boat in the desired direction.

Note that using these functions does take some getting used to and a good deal of hand-eye coordination. If you’re a beginner, you may want to wait till you can easily maneuver the boat until you try these buttons out.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy the AA Aqua?

As I’ve said, I am thrilled that Altair Aerial is now selling RC boats, and for an affordable price, too. You can buy the AA Aqua for $79.80. The fact that you can get such a high-quality boat for under $100 is a great deal.

The AA Aqua is slightly larger than Altair’s other boat the AA Wave, so if you’re looking for something a little bigger you will really enjoy the AA Aqua. These boats also work great together for racing or just some relaxed fun on the water. In my opinion, the AA Aqua is the ideal boat for summer.

It’s a durable model that’s easy to control. For beginners, it may take some practice getting used to the anti-capsize system and the trim functions, but ultimately these are really useful features that only help you control your boat. Like I said, a little practice and you should be able to perfect using these functions.

Overall, I think this boat would be awesome for older teenage children or beginner adults who are interested in the hobby or racing. You will not get bored with this boat and you will be able to make some exciting memories with it.

I’ve always enjoyed reviewing products from Altair Aerial and their RC boats have not disappointed. If you’re wanting to save money while still having a great time outdoors, I don’t think you will regret trying out the AA Aqua

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