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Here I will list some of the upgrade parts for the Jumper T16 / T16 Pro. Feel free to let me know if there are custom parts that I am missing here!

My review of the Jumper T16 Pro radio.

Wwitch nuts for the T16 should have an inner diameter of 5.8mm, with an outer diameter < 10mm ideally in order to fit the centre two switches.

These are the ones I used (buy: http://bit.ly/2QdCOyt), and they are wider than 10mm. That’s why for the two centre switches I have to use the original switch nuts (silver).

You can use the exact switch sleeves for the Taranis X9D+, that’s what I am using anyway.

The gimbal sticks have 3mm diameter threads, so when choosing stickends, you should get the M3 ones. Both hall sensor gimbals, and non-hall gimbals have M3 threads.

Here are a couple of different options:

The back stand is from my old X9D Plus. It does seem to be a little too short for the T16, but it still kind of works as a stand. I still cannot find one that is designed for the Jumper T16, so this is the best I can find right now. Available color: blue, silver and black.

Where to Buy?

I will update this post when I have other upgrade parts.

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