Top 9 Best Drones Under USD $300 [2019]

One of the best things about drones would definitely have to be the variety factor. You can choose from camera, toy, and even racing drones. There are a ton of different types to suit everyone’s needs, but what about pricing? It’s no secret that drones can be pretty pricey, with the more professional models costing a couple thousand.

Thankfully, however, like the different types, there are multiple price ranges. It typically goes by $1000, $500, $300, and drones under $100. Within this guide, we’ll be taking a look at drones under 300 dollars.


Best Drone Under $300

Outlaw SE

  • Camera:1080p Video Range 500 Meters
  • Range:600+ Meters
  • Time:18 Minutes
drones for less than $300

Budget Priced ($169)

Altair 818 Plus Hornet

  • Camera:720p HD 120° Wide Angle
  • Range:150 M
  • Time:15 Min
best drone under 300 altair 818 plus hornet

FAQ About Drones Under $300

If you don’t see your question, or an answer to it, listed in our FAQ section below, get in touch with us and we’ll happily give you one!

What’s the difference between a drone and a RC Plane?


While drones and RC Planes may generally seem like the same things, but with different designs, they are actually quite different. Drones come in two different categories, being either military-grade or residential unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

Overall, however, drones are made to be versatile and to have beneficial features, such as FPV capabilities, for example. They are designed to have very specific, particular uses that are able to perform functions that are unique compared to a RC Plane. Their primary purpose is to be real aircraft without needing a pilot.

Speaking of which, RC Planes differ from drones because they are considered more of a hobby than anything. You can build both drones and RC Planes, but the latter are more relevant in this case. The biggest difference between drones and RC Planes are the laws and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration.
For example, the FAA states that safety guidelines must be followed, a registration number must be listed on the drone, and that it must be registered with them if it exceeds 0.55 pounds and less than a total of 55 pounds. RC Planes, however, don’t have these kinds of restrictions and regulations.


Where can I fly a drone


You are able to fly a drone virtually anywhere you want. Inside your home, in your backyard, a large, open field, you name it. That’s the beauty of drones – if you have the skill, you can pretty much fly it anywhere your heart desires.

However, there are some restrictions set by the FAA when it comes to flying a drone, which you can read more on below.


Where am I not allowed to fly a drone?


If you are just flying your drone for fun, as a general hobby, or whatever the case may be, you’re in luck. While the FAA has very strict rules and regulations regarding flying drones when compared to industrial purposes, you will still have to follow the rules. If you don’t you could face a very hefty fine or, depending on the circumstances, even jail time.

In the United States, you cannot fly your drone within 5 miles from any airport. This causes problems with air traffic control and can cause some serious accidents. You must always have a visual line-of-sight when flying at all times and yield to manned aircraft, which are your standard commercial airplanes.

Flying near the White House is also a very serious no-no. During 2015, after an incident where a man was detained and fined for flying a drone over the White House to take pictures, the FAA made some strict changes.

Today, those who violate this regulation face a fine up to $25,000 and even jail time. Overall, the law states that you cannot fly within 15 miles of the White House.

You cannot fly your drone more than 400 feet in the air. This clashes with the airspace that is used by manned aircraft and will bring on a very hefty fine if you are caught doing so.

You also cannot fly your drone during the night, or if vision will be a problem in general, which relates to keeping a perfect line-of-sight on your drone at all times. Flying a drone into your neighbor’s backyard, or on any piece of property that is not owned by you, is also a big “no can do”.

Though there are a lot of rules, laws, and regulations surrounding drones these days, they are set for the safety of everyone. It’s also unfortunate that a few of these rules and regulations were set because one person ruined something for everyone. This is especially true in the case of the guy who thought flying a Phantom over the White House was okay to do.


What if I don’t register my drone with the FAA?


If you do not register your drone with the FAA, and it meets the size and weight requirement of a drone that must be registered, that’s asking for trouble. Those who fail to register face civil penalties that could cost them up to $27,500 in fines.

You could also face criminal penalties, which will add an additional $250,000 in fines. You may also face up to 3 years in prison, as well.


Do I need any special training before I can fly a drone?


Special training to fly a drone is not required if you’re flying it for fun, as a general hobby, etc. While having flight training for an unmanned aircraft may help you to control it better, formal training for flying a recreational drone is by no means necessary.

Best Drones Under $300 – Top 10 Review

Through our search to find the best drones under 300, we found quite a few drones that could definitely make our list. However, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 best drones under $300 to ensure that your decision for which is best for you is easy as possible!

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Review

See the best price on or get Fast & Free Shipping from their Website at

The Outlaw SE comes with advanced GPS features, great stability, and a high-quality 1080p HD camera, all for only $280 USD. If you’re looking for the best experience available in a drone under $300, we think this is the one that provides the most value for people.

With 20 minute flight time, great range, and easy-to-use photography features, this is a great drone for beginners. The automatic stabilization in GPS mode and return-to-home feature (in which the drone will fly back to the place it took off from with the push of a single button) also help make it accessible. But the quality of the camera and features on offer also make it a great drone for any serious aerial photographers who want something that will take great, stable video at a price that won’t break the bank.

Altair also put together a nice set of how-to videos for the Outlaw SE (click here). If you run into any problems check these out or I’ve found that they are very responsive at

Features and Specs

– Built-in 1080p camera

– Has a maximum flight range of 600 meters, and video range of 500+ meters.

– Has a maximum flight time of approximately 18-20 minutes

– GPS height hold

– Follow-me mode

– Return-to-home functionality

– Beginner and advanced flight modes

Pros and Cons

– Best GPS features you’ll ever find for under $300

– Best range and second-best flight time of any drone on this list

– Easy for beginners, but fun for advanced pilots too

– Only comes with one battery

– Requires a short calibration every time you fly

altair outlaw se drone review

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Altair 818 Plus Quadcopter Review

Get super fast shipping and amazing customer service by purchasing at (click here). Or you can shop for the 818 Hornet on Amazon.

The Altair 818 Plus is one of the best camera drones you can get for under $300. Its shape is designed to make it both stable and durable, with very solid hover capabilities that make it perfect for getting the right shot every time. It comes with a wide-angle 720p camera and a TF card included so that you can start taking video right away.

Best of all, it gets 15 minutes of flight time off of a single battery charge – and there’s two batteries in the box. Having about 30 minutes of flight time makes this an excellent choice for photographers, because it means it can actually be used for longer shoots. And since the 818 Plus also has 150 meters of range (and can stream FPV footage to your phone from 60 meters), you can get some impressively high aerial shots with great accuracy.

If your main interest in drones involves photography or videography, the 818 Plus is a great choice that won’t put a dent in your wallet!


Features and Specs

• 15 minutes of battery life
• 150 m range and 60m FPV
• Stable shape with extra-long landing gear that makes it much easier to control and gives it a much better hover than others
• New functions: headless mode, altitude hold mode,  emergency landing, and customer flight route mode- High quality 720p camera

Pros and Cons

• The drone’s highly stable hovering abilities make it ideal for aerial photography
• The drone is incredibly easy to control, even for first-time users
• The drone has a very long battery life for the price

• The drone only comes with one battery

altair 818 hornet

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Force1 F100 Ghostforce1 f100 ghost drones under 300

Read reviews and show for the Force1 F100 Ghost Here

The F100 Ghost by Force1 was no doubt one of the best additions to this list of drones. It costs less than $200 and looks like it’s nothing but a piece of generic plastic. Making that assumption, however, is definitely wrong!

For such a cheap price, the capabilities and tech specs that come with it seem like they are much too good to be true.

Features and Specs

best drones under 300 dollars force1 f100 ghost specs

• Equipped with powerful brushless motors that provide a quiet, long flight without being overtaken by a slight breeze

• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras for aerial photography and video

• Includes High and Low speed modes that are ideal for high-quality, clear images and videos

• Lets you perform 360° stunts and tricks in the air while being stable enough to avoid doing a nose dive into the ground

• Has a transmission range of up to 300m

• Comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes

• Works through a 2.4GHz transmission frequency with 4 channels

• Has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability

• Android and iOS wireless HD streaming through a mounted GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4

• Takes a 1800mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 15 minutes

• Weighs approximately 3.1 pounds

• Total size of 15.7”x13.6”x6.2”

Pros and Cons

• The Low Battery Alarm ensures that you are given a clear warning that it’s time to land before the drone’s battery can fully drain and potentially crash into the ground, a tree, etc

• It comes with an extra battery that can double your flight time up to an approximate half hour total

• You will need to supply your own GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4 model, considering the drone does not come with one, which tend to be a little pricier than the actual drone itself

GoPro’s are awesome pieces of hardware, so when they are paired with a compatible drone that has some pretty awesome specs and features, the sky is literally the limit as to what you can do!


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Force1 F100

Read reviews and show for the Force1 F100 Here

The F100 by Force1 is much like the F100 Ghost, also by Force1, but it has a lot of differences that make it an individually incredible drone. It costs around $150, so about $50 less than the F100 Ghost, which is an absolute bargain.

For such a small price, we know you’ll be surprised to receive a quality drone and not a hunk of plastic that barely makes it off the ground. In fact, the F100 is perfect for beginners looking to learn and experts who want a casual, no business drone.

Features and Specs

best drones under 300 force1 f100 black specs

• Equipped with powerful brushless motors that provide a quiet, long flight without being overtaken by a slight breeze

• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras for aerial photography and video

• Includes High and Low speed modes that are ideal for high-quality, clear images and videos

• Lets you perform 360° stunts and tricks in the air while being stable enough to avoid doing a nose dive into the ground

• Has a transmission range of up to 300m

• Comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes

• Works through a 2.4GHz transmission frequency with 4 channels

• Has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability

• Android and iOS wireless HD streaming through a mounted GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4

• Takes a 1800mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 15 minutes

• Weighs approximately 3.1 pounds

• Total size of 15.6”x13.8”x6.5”

Pros and Cons

• It uses a manual stick mode functionality, which means that the response level of this drone is perfect for those who want to face a challenge when using the High speed mode

• You get an extra battery with the drone so you can double your flight time to an approximate 30 minutes compared to the initial 15

• Reports have stated that there have been some minor troubleshooting issues with the drone

For just $150 you can get a high quality drone that has specs that have yet to be matched by any other manufacturer, so what could be better than that?

best drone under 300 force1 f100 drones under 300

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3DR Solo Quadcopter

Read reviews and show for the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Here

While the Solo by 3DR is slightly over $300, it’s still perfect for this price range. It may not look like a starter or beginner drone at first glance, but if you’re someone who loves to play video games, you’ll have absolutely no trouble at all with this one.

The controller is a lot like a video game console controller that includes push-button commands for ease of use. This makes it great for those who already have a general understanding of video games and want to transition to a drone.

Features and Specs

• One-push button commands for taking off, landing, instantly snapping a picture, adjusting the camera angle, and much more

• High-quality HDMI port to connect to any display you’d like

• Includes wireless video streaming in HD with a GoPro

• Has a transmission range of up to half of a mile

• Includes Orbit, Follow Me, Selfie, Smart Shots and Cable Cam modes

• Powered by 2 1GHz internal computers

• Has a 3-axis Solo Gimbal for ultimate stability

• Android and iOS wireless HD streaming through onboard GoPro

• Takes a 5200mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 20 minutes

• Includes a top speed of up to 55 mph

• Weighs approximately 3.3 pounds

• Total size of 8.8”x16.2”x16.6”

Pros and Cons

• The included features are some of the best you’ll find anywhere – for example, Safety Net and One-Touch Pause ensures that you can avoid a potential crash, for example, without having to manipulate and override the controls

• The 3-axis Solo Gimbal is the first to offer wireless HD streaming, charging, and exclusive GoPro control while in-flight directly to your smartphone/smart device from your GoPro

• It does not come with a camera, so you will need to get your own – a GoPro would definitely be your best bet, as the drone’s features were designed to work with them the best

Though the 3DR Solo is a bit over our $300 budget, it’s definitely worth a spot in our review. You simply cannot beat the quality and the awesome features that this drone has to offer!

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Force1 U45W Blue Jay

Read reviews and show for the Force1 U45W Blue Jay Here

The U45W Blue Jay by Force1 is currently sitting at a price range of $130, but don’t let that affect your decision, because this drone is an absolute power house. It comes with almost everything that you’d never expect to see in a drone this cheap.

Features and Specs

force1 u45w blue jay specs

• Features WiFi FPV and VR flight and further enhanced controls

• Includes Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 1-Key Takeoff and Landing, Custom Route Mode, and has independent orientation controls overall

• The 2MP camera offers 1280px720p at 30 fps and a 360° bird’s-eye views of the world with the option of adding in the VR capabilities for the ultimate experience

• With the WiFi feature, you can easily watch a live video or photo feed of your drone while flying using your smart device

• Has a transmission range of up to 100m

• Uses a 2.4GHz transmission technology with 4 channels

• Takes a 500mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 8 minutes

• Weighs approximately 4.1 ounces

• Total size of 14.4”x4”x13.8”

Pros and Cons

• The drone comes with an extra battery and a power bank so you can double your flight time while you’re in the field

• The drone also comes with a free 4GB SanDisk Micro SD Card to store all of the videos and photos you took during your flight

• Reports have indicated that there have been issues with one of the motors, which can easily be fixed by contacting Force1

force1 u45w blue jay drones under 300

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Cheerson CX20 FPV RC Quadcopter

Read reviews and show for the Cheerson CX20 FPV RC Quadcopter Here

If you’re looking for a drone that is both under $300 and easy to carry around from place to place, then the Cheerson CX20 is right up your alley. It’s fully ready to fly as soon as you take it out of the box. All you have to do is attach the propellers and ensure your batteries are charged and ready to go.

For the small price you’re paying, the CX20 has quite an impressive performance and is sure to be a big hit. It’s great for any level of skill, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Features and Specs

• Includes both Altitude Control and GPS Altitude modes for better flight experience preference

• Has an MX Autopilot system that pairs with the Intelligent Orientation Control function for ease of use

• Includes Failsafe, two Low Voltage Protection levels, Auto-Pathfinder and Auto-Return for features

• Helps you to never lose sight of it the onboard high intensity LED lights

• Has an external camera mount that can be removed for a lighter flight

• Includes a transmission range of up to 300 meters

• Runs of a 2.4GHz frequency

• Takes a 1.5V LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 15 minutes

• Includes a top speed of up to 18 mph

• Weighs approximately 6 pounds

• Total size of 22.3”x14.8”x5.4”

Pros and Cons

• The 2.4GHz ISM frequency, paired with the anti-interference design, allows you to have multiple controllers and drones connected at one time

• The MX autopilot system and GPS multi-rotor capabilities work together to provide both complete stability and ease of use, which betters the flight performance and control overall

• While being able to remove the camera mount is very useful for keeping the drone as light as possible, it doesn’t come with a camera – getting a GoPro is your best bet if you’d like to have one, however

Once again, the Cheerson CX20 is a surprisingly impressive drone for the price tag. It proves that even though some drones could be considered a budget model, it doesn’t mean they can’t have some serious specs.


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Force1 Black UDI U818A

Read reviews and show for the Force1 UDI U818A Here

Costing approximately $150, the UDI U818A by Force1 has a lot to offer for a pilot of any skill level. It has some awesome features, great camera specs, and so much more that all drone pilots, no matter what your preference may be, will definitely enjoy.

Features and Specs

force1 udi u818a black wifi fpv specs

• Comes with Custom Route Mode, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and 1-Key Takeoff and Landing features

• Has a 2MP HD camera that uses 1280px720p at 30 fps resolution for both photos and videos

• The drone has WiFi FPV and VR capabilities that maximize the complete experience of your flight

• Uses a 2.4GHz transmission technology with 4 channels

• Takes a 350mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 8 minutes

• Weighs approximately 5.4 ounces

• Total size of 14.4”x4”x13.8”

Pros and Cons

• You get a free extra battery and a power bank to help double the amount of flight time you get while in the field with your drone

• The lightweight build and design ensures that it’s one of the best drones a beginner or general novice pilot could hope for

• Reports have indicated that one of the motors can have some issues, but this can easily be solved by getting in touch with Force1

force1 black udi u818a drones under 300

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Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Quadcopter

Read reviews and show for the Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Quadcopter Here

Parrot is a manufacturer that all drone enthusiasts know and love. Though the majority of their drones definitely are not budget drones, the Parrot AR 2.0 Elite most definitely is.

This is one of many drones under $300 that includes high-quality features and specs at a price that is practically a steal.

Features and Specs

• Your tablet or smartphone is used as the controller through Android or iOS
• Live video streaming and video recording is done in 720p high-definition resolution

• You can record and share your photos and videos through the AR Free Flight application

• Includes a USB 2.0 for high-speed extensions

• You get up to 1GB of RAM at a MHz rate of 200 and a ARM Cortex A8 processor of 1GHz 32 bit with 800MHz DSP video

• Flight time of between 10 to 12 minutes

• Comes with a 1100mAh battery

• Weighs approximately 14.9 ounces

• Total size of 23”x23”x5”

Pros and Cons

• While up to 12 minutes of flight time is not exactly ideal, you can purchase the extra battery separately to extend this flight time

• This drone creates a WiFi network, kind of like a hotspot, that it uses to sync properly with whatever smart device you’re using as the controller

• If you do not have a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or any form of smart device in general, this will be a problem considering a smart device replaces a physical controller

The Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Quadcopter is great for those who have a smart device and can adapt to using it as a controller. It may be difficult starting out, but with these specs and the price, how can you say no?


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Blade 180 QX Quadcopter

Read reviews and show for the Blade 180 QX Quadcopter Here

The Blade 180 QX may look like it’s a cheap piece of plastic with propellers, but this drone is anything but. It’s one of the lightest, cheapest high-quality drones under 300 that is literally a powerhouse in disguise.

Would you believe that it’s one of the best drones under 300 dollars that has some pretty good quality camera capabilities?

Features and Specs

• Includes SAFE technology that is exclusive only to this drone

• Able to be flown both indoors and outside

• Includes E-flite EFC-721 camera and transmitter capabilities

• Has 3 different flight modes
• Includes the AS3X stability system for a smooth flight and clear photos

• The transmitter can be programmed to be a DSMX 5+ channel instead of a Spektrum 5+ channel transmitter

• The camera can be switched from still image capture to video recording at the touch of a button

• Flight time of between 5 to 8 minutes

• Weighs approximately 1.8 pounds

• Total size of 20”x9.5”x5.5”

Pros and Cons

• Because this is such a small, lightweight drone, it’s able to be flown inside your home safely without having to worry about a major collision

• The 3 flight modes pair up with the SAFE technology to ensure that this drone is easy to use – for example, Agility Mode allows you to set the experience level to your preference

• Because it’s a BNF model, meaning “Bind n’ Fly”, you will have to supply your own Spektrum 5+ channel transmitter, or one of a different type that is compatible

The Blade 180 QX Quadcopter definitely has to be one of the most overlooked, hidden gem drones out there. It’s got great specs for an even better price tag.


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Hubsan H501S X4 Quadcopter

Read reviews and show for the Hubsan H501S X4 Quadcopter Here

Like Parrot, Hubsan is another prime example of a drone manufacturer that almost everyone knows and loves. We’ve saved possibly the best drone under $300 for last and we know that you’re going to love this one.

Not only does this drone have some very impressive features and specs that make it a definite choice for our review, but it’s got a stylish, sleek look that’s very easy on the eyes.

Features and Specs

• Comes with a 1080p HD resolution camera with still images and video recording capabilities

• Has 4 brushless motors

• Includes Follow Me, Headleass, One Key Return, Altitude Hold, and Auto-Return Home modes and features

• Has FPV capabilities
• Can hold up to 5.8GB of photos and videos

• Includes a 2300mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 20 minutes

• The controller features a live video feed

• Includes LEDs for added visibility

• Has a transmission range of approximately 80 yards

• Top speed of around 45 mph

• Weighs approximately 3.4 pounds

• Total size of 12.9”x5.9”x12.9”

Pros and Cons

• While most drones only come with one radio frequency, this drone comes with both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz

• It can perform tricks that are pretty cool to watch and easy to do, such as rolling in the air, for example

• If you’re big on space and a lightweight drone, you’ll be disappointed to know that the camera cannot be removed from the drone unless you take it apart completely to remove it

The H501S X4 Quadcopter by Hubsan is definitely an awesome little drone for the price you’re paying. If you’re a fan of aesthetic value in a drone, this one is definitely the droid you’re looking for.

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Top 9 – Best Drones Under USD $300

Though a lot of drones may seem way out of your budget range, there are still tons that are both reasonably priced and great quality, as we’ve just proved!

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