A Brief Look at the New DJI GS Pro App

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Created with the needs of professionals working in industries such as architecture, precision agriculture, aerial mapping, electrical inspection, security control, and disaster monitoring in mind, the new DJI GS Pro app, also known as Ground Station Pro, gives all iPad users a new way how to plan and control flights for their DJI aircraft.

The primary goal of this free app is to make the planning of complex flight missions effortless. Today, drones are used for a lot more than fun, and DJI wants to be seen as the leader when it comes to various industrial applications of drones. The highly-polished user interface of the DJI GS Pro app is a great evidence of how DJI wants to meet the needs of people who may not be interested in the technology itself.

Some of the more interesting features of the app include 3D Map Area, which makes it possible to capture image data during flights and input them into 3D reconstruction software to generate 3D maps. Users can adjust various parameters, including front overlap ratio, course angle, margin, speed, altitude, and others, to get the best results. Another useful mapping feature is 3D Map POI. This feature makes it possible to generate detailed maps of tall structures by simply choosing the subject and setting a distance between it and the aircraft, according to DJI’s official website.

Virtual Fence defines a particular area as a no-fly zone. It has two main modes: it can either keep the drone inside the fence or behind it. The size and shape are fully customizable, including maximum speed and maximum altitude, and the app makes it possible to create fences either pre-flight or by flying are the zone. Last but not least, DJI didn’t forget about tap-and-go waypoint flights, creating a well-optimized user experience for setting flight paths and defining their parameters.

The GS Pro app supports Phantom 3 Standard/Advanced/Professional/4K, Phantom 4/Pro, Inspire 1/2, Matrice 100/600/600 Pro, A3/A3 Pro, N3, and Mavic Pro aircraft and works with all onboard cameras of the Phantom 3 series and Phantom 4 series. Currently, the app is available only to iPad users, with nothing said about DJI’s plans to bring it to Android.

It’s also worth noting that the app doesn’t support offline maps. Those who want to use it without internet access must first cache the map data. To download GS PRO for free, head on over to the iTunes App Store.