Krossblade SkyProwler VTOL Transformer Drone


Let us introduce the (awesome looking) Krossblade SkyProwler, a Vertical Take-Off and Landing Transformer UAV/drone with cargo drop door and 3D stabilized camera from Krossblade Aerospace.

It takes off like a multicopter, picks up speed using its high-powered thrusters, and then transitions to cruise flight on its high-speed wings. The multirotor take-off mechanism folds away in-flight giving SkyProwler super efficient aerodynamics and hence speed endurance and range far better than pure copters and on-par with pure airplanes.

But that is not all. Some missions require maximum hover time and tight turns in addition to great bursts of speed. Think of filming a car approaching a stopping point, and then going off again, think of filming pets and other animals running around, think of sports! No problem! Reconfigure SkyProwler without tools, by taking the wings off and changing the tail, or fly without tail, and what was the winged SkyProwler “Blade” configuration, becomes the wingless SkyProwler “Hornet” configuration. Hornet is a multi-copter so fast and agile that you can do things with it you can do with no other multicopter.

Paired with an optional ground station radio that gives you not 2 but 4 channels per stick and Eye, the world’s first action cam with integrated gimbal stabilization (igs) and video quality up to 4k30, and you have a package so powerful, other aerial vehicles will get scared – except perhaps the F-22 Raptor.

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Extended Flight Footage